Monday, April 28, 2008

Coupleafewthings Monday

  • Go go go go go:
    ok, well don't go, the image is gone, torn from the internets like a $1 off burrito coupon from the student paper. Stupid internets...
    (was once an image of a guy riding a bike on a line of soda bottles)

  • My race bike racked for the ride home.

    I have been waiting years to do this well. A decade ago I occasionally carried frames on my back to customers when I worked at a small frame builder. Many a times I have steered another full bike down the road, one hand on the stem, whilst riding another. But I think I this is the apogee of swellegant bike on bike hauling. That was 9 miles and 800 feet elevation change each way to get to the race.

  • Lots of reasons to hate pro cycling right now, here is a reason to start watching again:

    click for source
    Go read this nice fluff article on Taylor Phinney and family over on Sports Illustrated. If you don't know who he is or who his parents are, go read it.

    Taylor is 17 and one of the top five pursuit cyclists in the world and will be representing the US in Beijing this summer in the Olympics. He rides for the Slipstream Chipotle team and with any luck, will be doing one day races in Europe flying the plaid colors and possibly a tacky mustache within a few years.

    beth h said...

    Omigosh. That is the coolest darned thing, hauling your race bike to the race on an Xtracycle. I swear if I had a garage I'd have one of those things...

    Tarik Saleh said...


    Thanks, I actually got the Big Dummy because I don't have a garage, or one of the reasons. I can, with some moderate grunting, hang the BD vertically by the front wheel, under the carport. I would love to get a bakfiets or longjohn front loader, but I have no idea where I would put it. But I can hang the BD, and I get an upper body workout to boot...

    beth h said...

    I am attempting to swap my too-large atb frame for the next size down so I can build up an Xtracycle (the wait-list for the Big Dummy is something like August).
    I won't be able to hang it in my shed but today I cleared out a buncha stuff to make room on the floor.