Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is it Spring for You?

I'm riding with bare knees. Enough of Spring is here for me to ride that way. The fig and pear trees aren't showing any fruit yet, the grape vines haven't leafed out. So Spring really isn't here.

Spring will really be here for me when I have my first Hawaiian shirt day. On that day I’ll ride in a billowing silky colorful shirt and be really comfortable. It's as close to being naked on the bike as I get.

What's your "it's Spring!" ride moment? Has it arrived this year?


Anonymous said...

Riding home from work in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday was an 'it's Spring' moment for me. Felt great; can't wait for more. =)

Andy said...

And, my spring moment was Sunday with 50 + miles around Lake Washington in shorts and bike shirt, plus the gloves without fingers.

It's about TIME...