Thursday, July 17, 2008

Its the little things

I just returned from a short trip to france and the streetside bike scoping is outrageously fun. The nice part is the sheer volume of 50's-70's era production city bikes with nice details that make looking at the bikes more fun than looking at, say, thousands of schwinn varsities.

I can't get over the number of stamped dropout seventies city bikes that had details like these headlight reliefs in the front rack:

So so so so good.
Lots more french street bike pics:
in dijon
in paris


Heidi Mo said...

i have one of those, an old folding peugeot (green) which i'd like to sell. it is too heavy for me to lift on and off the train every week. i'm small and have a bad back. i'm not a dealer or anything, just a bike lover with too many bikes, if that is possible, and i'd like this one to start getting ridden again. it's in bellingham, but i could bring it to seattle, if anyone is interested.

beth h said...

YUM! thanks for sharing the goodies.